Julian De La Torre


JulianConstruction.com: Earthquake Forecast--Big and Bigger

04th June 2017
You’ve probably seen more than a few stories about the“Big One”- a magnitude 8.0 or greater earthquake that scientists predict will occur along the San Andreas Fault sometime in the future. Whether that future is an hour from now, next week or decades awa... Read >

JulianConstruction.com: Types of Drywall

06th February 2017
For the past 50 years drywall has been a common type of material used in the construction of homes to make interior walls and ceilings. It covers insulation, wiring and the structure's frame. It is also used to create separations in buildings requiring fi... Read >

JulianConstruction.com: Different Types of Foundation Cracks

06th February 2017
When cracks appear in walls, it is often a sign of foundation problems or damage. Many times the problem is caused by foundation shrinkage, soil expansion or settlement. Earthquakes can cause cracking as well. Where the crack is occurring, its size and sh... Read >